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EASY-CERT Certificates

Austria Bio Garantie in Croatia is a branch office of Austria Bio Garantie GmbH. It was founded in 2010 and is an independent inspection and certification body. All certificates of our customers can be found in our database, EASY-CERT, that gives direct access to information on our customer’s certification and label status.

Input List

Austria Bio Garantie d.o.o cooperates with InfoXgen – Inputs Evaluation, in order to evaluate agricultural inputs for organic production in Croatia. Together a directory of commercial products (fertilisers, soil conditioners, substrates and plant protection products), compliant with the EU legislation on organic production is created: The Croatian Inputs List for organic agriculture



Austria Bio Garantie supports farms and processors in the food sector, helping them to develop sustainability  and strengthen their market position. Due to our outstanding collaboration and international network we are able to offer a wide diversity of international inspection services. The most important ones are introduced here on this site.


Organic agriculture

Austria Bio Garantie ensures with complete and accurate inspections throughout all levels of the production chain (farmers – processors – traders – importers/exporters) that an ABG certified product is “organic” when it tells you to be organic.



Austria Bio Garantie passed all requirements for application as national and European inspection body for Croatia in 2012 and acts under the approval of the Croatian Ministry. Products certified by Austria Bio Garantie in Croatia are identified by our code